The most exciting thong bikini panties for men. Swimwear and underwear styles that will blow you away!

We love to wear bikinis, panties, thongs and other slinky sexy underwear and swimwear designs. Our little group of boys and a girl or two are really into the spandex scene. There is such a sexual undertone to bikinis, panties, thongs and G-strings. In my opinion it is even more true for men than for women. Men are not used to wearing such form fitting fabrics and showing off their pouches especially when it comes to wearing these hot designs to the beach. Our job, our goal, our passion is to help change men's attitudes, to let them know it is wonderful and normal to indulge in wearing these fabulous designs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your bulge after all it is truly a thing of beauty as is the male form. Our job is so much easier now that it is very mainstream to see men wearing thong and bikini underwear and you are now seeing lots of bikinis and even panty style swimwear designs for men at the beach. Our love for spandex is deep we are true aficionados. We are eager to see more men of every size, shape and age wearing hot spandex. As far as we are concerned there is no need to have a perfect body just being a confident men is a huge turn on for our little group.

Thong Bikinis Panties

About Us

And our love for Thong Bikinis Panties.

We love seeing men wearing these hot swimwear styles and we love wearing them ourselves, so much so that we have created a website for them. Here is a little about us and our back rounds, two of us are actually clothing designers. I actually am a swimwear designs.