The most exciting thong bikini panties for men. Swimwear and underwear styles that will blow you away!

My thong bikini panties dreams.


I have a huge collection of thong bikini panties and tights. I love wearing spandex. I wear it to the gym, pool parties and the beach along with most of my undies are spandex style panties. Some of my favorite designs are the male to female transformation femme style suits with the lip look front. I will often wear those to the beach and I have a couple pair of the femme style tights I wear to the gym. Often I will be asked if I am transgender which I am not but I like that they look so real men and women are brave enough to ask if I have transitioned. I guess here in Los Angeles with all the shows about it on the tube people feel it is open game to talk about. I just enjoy the feminine feel and look. The funny thing is sometimes I will opt to wear male form styles that have penis shaped pouches. In my case I go for the ones with very small penis size pouches. These have a great feel wrapping your equipment nice and tight in form fitting spandex. You might think there could be an issue wearing them to the beach. Even though they cover everything the penis shape is exposed but I have never had an issue. I have even used them on my beach runs and the police that cruise the beach here in LA don’t even give it a second look. I guess they might if the penis pouch was sheer but I am not willing to push my luck. These styles are just the beginning of my thong bikini panties dreams, more to come!

Thong Bikini Panties

Oh My!

Oh my is right these hot swimwear and underwear styles are no longer just for the ladies. Men's bikinis, thongs, G-strings, spandex shorts and skin tight spandex tights are some of the hottest trends in men's wear. Thong bikini panties are code words for a huge selection of designs including string bikinis, bulge designs, micro shorts, high and low cut thongs and bikinis, sheer panties, male form (penis shaped pouches) designs, femme style male to female transformation swimsuits, tights and panties along with G-strings in many shapes and sizes. The selection for men has never been bigger and it is a growing trend. Most of the most extreme designs are now coming out of the USA where once they were from Europe. There is no doubt that European men have leg the panty and swimwear revolution.

Thong Bikinis Panties